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About Me

My background

I find myself  still filled with wonder and excitement in discovering the process of learning and teaching after well over a  half-century of investing my life  in education. Raising my own family, joined with recollections of schools, children, laughter, tears, coaching, families, and friendships have filled my  life with stories—real life experiences with lessons for many in their sharing. The stories just waiting to be told, and they are dedicated to the gift of keeping the child in all of us, alive.   

My writing roots

In a notebook, saved from my early High School years, I found this poem:

Salt and Pepper

   Black and White

Such are the words 

    I try to write

A waste of time

    to find a rhyme

is this a gift 

    or quirk of mine?

It turns out that it is both, and I have 

celebrated my  family, my friends, my life experiences, and the memories of my life in stories, poetry, and life lessons.  

My style

The word, unique, is a fun word and as we come to realize that every single  person  is a unique story, we are blessed with the gifts of sharing the life lessons found in these stories.   My stories, poems, and thoughts are the gifts that others have shared with me.  So many people have guided my life with their stories.  My stories are their stories, and the lessons they have to share with us.  "That's my story and I'm sticking to it." Thank You